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Wish i had more progress on the truck, but most of my time has gone into the demon, school, and now an internship...My friend and I cut 14 3/4" out of his spare long bed reg cab frame and welded them back together so its 120" wheelbase now. Ill probably have to cut the ends of the frame off to make it the proper overall length, but that'll have to wait until the frame gets next to the body.

The frame weld should be stronger then the frame rail...i watched someone get completely torn appart on CF for their frame shortening being unsafely executed, but there are/will be 8" plates on both sides of the weld (made up of excess frame rail) and probably on top/bottom too (that makes it practically 3/4" dia there) they are good mig welds w/ good penetration too. the cut may be vertical, but its on the tallest portion of the frame..ill take closer pics when we make progress on it.
Until then ill be driving the cummins ~100mi/day getting 18-22+mpg all the way (7000lb curb weight).
...good luck to everyone else on their projects!
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