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Finished up the trigger wheel tonight, ended up going with a 48-1 wheel since I had the room for it. Machined a step in the fwd face to keep the teeth away from the portion of the balancer that is ouside the rubber ring since it probably moves a bit when the engine is running.

Also added a PCV port to the back of the holley TBI adapter so I didn't have to run a hose from the front of the TBI all the way to the back of the manifold, now it can run right from the back. Also picked up a pack of rubber caps to block off the unused ports in the front of the TBI.

Next up I'll fab up a bracket for the hall sensor, planning on making it a combo bracket with the fuel pump block off plate. Then I can press the trigger wheel on the balancer hub and re-install everything. Got my radiator back from the shop today too.


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