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Megasquirt2 Install AMC360 TBI+COP 83' Cherokee


Thought I'd start this thread up to document my installation of a Megasquirt 2 system on my 83' laredo with the 360 engine, engine is .030 over 9.5cr, heads cleaned up a bit, mild cam, headers, performer AMC intake and a bit of a stall converter in the 727 trans:

So far I have most everything needed:

GM 454TBI 2" bores w/ stepper IAC
Walbro 255lph pump
Various Sensors (IAT, CLT, TPS, Fuel Pressure)

I'm planning on using a 36-1 toothed wheel on the crank pulley for the tach signal plus a one tooth sensor in the distributor both using Allegro gear tooth sensors (had great experience with this setup on past installs)

Right now I am just finishing up the ECU, I wanted to put it in the engine compartment mounted on top of the driverside inner fender well. This facilitated the need to make it watertight which I accomplished with a hammond enclosure and the ampseal 35 pin plug, check out the details below:

Next up will be fitting the TBI to my edelbrock performer AMC intake, not sure if the sides will need to be clearanced for the 2" throttle bores or not, I've read conflicting reports here. Then the gas tank mods and fitting the pump and filters and finishing up the wiring. This will have ignition control as well, but I will get it running first on fuel only then tackle the ingnition after that.....more to come


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