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Originally Posted by Tonylito
2) So we take for a ride and bam ... cracked the transfer case. It was stuck in 4wd and I didnt quite get that its not all that time 4 wheel drive. So the next project is the transfer case, the controls and figuring out how to operate it. The idea is to make it work correctly ..... ???? Can I drive it around in effectively 2WD drive - I'm assuming the belt broke and cracked the case.??? I have a new transfer case on the way.

surprised by the bad TC, it can be driven in 4x4 all along, with the NP229 which IIRC is the OEM case, recheck the tag to make sure that you have a NP229 and not a np228 which can only be driven in 4x4 when the road surface is slippery because the NP228 does not have the viscous coupler that allow different rotational turns between front and rear. BTW it is a chain driven TC

here is a pict of a NP208 tag, yours will have the proper ID

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