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The Skyler White Br Ba 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoner - new purchase

Hi all .... been wanting a Grand Wagoneer for awhile (its a longer story why I only pulled the trigger) but I bought the GW from Breaking Bad. I actually almost bought one in NJ but then I ran across the one from the show.

The reason why I am on here is now I am sorta stuck. I am not sure what I should or shouldn't do to it ... so I want advice and guidance before I change anything. So I hope the members will help. Currently diagnosing a fuel problem but I think I will get that one under control.

Photobucket is not free so here are a few pictures.

So a little trivia ....
1) It has been in Arkansas since 2013
2) It was originally white (which is really the first thing I have to figure out what to do as the paint job that Br Ba put on it is peeling and the previous owner painted some of it).

I appreciate all your help up front.
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