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Originally Posted by babywag
No offense but holley sniper just hit market so not sure I'd buy anything the guy said. Also has ginormous Holley Sniper EFI script on it.
You would have to know smog guy, or find one ignorant enough to risk losing his license and a fine for a $xx smog test fee.

No offense taken! My thoughts were similar but more like "that's a lot of time and effort to bank on the tech not noticing". Dude didn't do any of his own work (had a local custom shop do all his work). I had to explain the difference between 4bbl and 2bbls and what "long block" means during our discussion.

I called the shop to see if his Howell system was still there (because I would have bought it if it was) and the owner said he sold it "years ago". So, long story long, I don't put much weight on what this guy said but a) he seemed loaded (lots of money, not drunk) so I didn't doubt his story about having Howell and updating to a better system, b) He knew very little about how engines work, generally, so he may have been giving me info that wasn't a lie, but not necessarily correct and c) the shop, generally, didn't contradict him. Here's his Jeep, I contacted him because he had a '79 401 that had been smogged. He lives really close to me. Intake does not look engine color.

I did smog my Chero at the same place he went and I watched the tech smog my truck. He did some poking around during his visual inspection but he didn't take out any pubs to verify my configuration and when he was inputting the values for the inspection, he did not turn away from the computer to check anything.
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