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Well I thought it may have been from just sitting for a few months, but it turns out cylinder 1 has low compression... It blows blue smoke out the drivers side bad when revved or under load...

The guy I bought it from swore it was a good motor and didn't smoke, but refuses to do anything about it... I'm so glad I payed through PayPal so I have buyer protection... I kept the emails saying it was a good motor... Not sure where to go from here... Guess I'll pull the intake and valve cover and hopefully it's just a broken plastic retainer... If it's more serious than that, it's going to get yanked out and I will get my money back or a new motor...

For those looking at getting GEP diesels from the military hmmwv's, I would be leery of getting them from CBR Metalworks in North Carolina... He will gladly take your money and sell you a "good motor" that isn't good...
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