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The IAC went in new last summer to fix the idle issue I had them with the ECM, after that it was solid.

by base idle is 800park/900gear, however trying to watch the log playback (the 1 thing I don't like about turerpro) I see that target idle does not match that, I see lower targets, I'll have to put the log on real slow playback and see what it is at a point it kills.

I think there must be another setting that is adjusting the idle down, may it is just drops it too low.

I don't like the stall saver settings in the base program I started with (BJDR)
I have not found many 0E bins floating around to start with either, I only have 1 other to compare to (BJKZ) It will rev the engine up 200-300 rpm then drop back down way fast.

I keep questioning i how much to dink with it, since it is a auto tranny program with the tranny section disabled, I wonder how it will react when I get my swap done and it is controlling the tranny???
I have my fuel map dialed in decent enough, I at least feel the 401 will run anyway.
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