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16197427 PCM Idle Issue

First the 7747ECM in the same truck DID NOT do this.
Switching to the 7427 made it show up.

Remember I have hydroboost - so don't think vacuum issue!

At idle speeds, if I press the bakes hard or brake and steer so i load up the PS pump it kills the engine, figured that out yesterday, it will sit in gear or park and idle fine, but load that pump some and it just dies, light brakes will make it bounce on the stall saver.

My idle RPMs are now set 800 park/900 gear which is 200 higher than I started with from the ECM and it still does it.
I tried an IAC/TPS reset, that did nothing, I turned the idle screw 1/2 rich and back almost to the same spot, my tps is reading 0.4 volts

I suspect I am over looking another setting?


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