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Originally Posted by Mudbull
........... I think I'll be sticking with the auto, overall it'll be less time and money invested compared to finding all the manual parts (the manual would need to be upgraded sooner or later too). Plus with super-human shift speeds and no loss in boost between shifts the auto seems that much more appealing.

then again there's always that 2nd to 3rd jump that dodges have always been notorious for with their autos......
shoot id tell you to buy that nv5600 on pirate board for $1800, it has the bell, clutch fork, t-case and a flywheel can be bought for $300 from south bend with a sealed roller bearing.

can you tell im jadded and have been burned.... left on the side of the road by a dodge/ford/gm allison diesel auto or two. towing in the back country i grew tired of having to walk into town

great build good luck
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