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Originally Posted by Geminiroq
Sounds like a sweet deal....I am in So. Cal too!

Are you able to pass smog with this setup and did you source all your parts except the megasquirt?

This sounds like something I can do and I want to learn as much as possible about this. system.

Thank you...

Well since my Jeep is a '74, I don't have to smog it - but I plan on taking it to a friend once I get it fine-tuned, just for kicks.

My parts are just the TBI unit from a Chevy 454, Holley adapter, standard GM IAT and CLT sensors, Ford E-150 in-line fuel pump, and an Innovate LC-1 oxygen sensor. Oh yeah, and a custom cold-air-intake I'm working on using Spectre's surprisingly high-quality parts - I'll get pics of it soon.

One other thing - on my Jeep at least, I'm pretty sure I needed a body lift to get the TBI unit to clear, but you may be able to get away without one if you have standard motor mounts (I do not).

MegaSquirt will pass the actual emissions test with flying colors, but it will fail the BS test (visuals and all that) since this RIDICULOUS STATE requires you have the original smog equipment and carburetor on your vehicle. Your best bet is to get a CARB-approved EFI kit. I don't know the exact rigmarole you have to go through, but maybe you can somehow get a Holley EFI CARB sticker that would fool the smog guys into thinking the DIY is a Holley system.
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