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Talking 10$ NP229 Fix

My viscous coupling was shot so on recommendation from my friend, who owns Texas Auto Gear, I pinned the coupler clutches. The hardest part is getting the t-case on the floor jack while laying under the truck.
-Remove t-case,rear output yoke, rear retainer, rear half of case.
-Slowly remove rear output shaft and retrieve the 15 needle bearings that just fell out.
-Lift the viscous coupling off of the side gear but DO NOT REMOVE THE SIDE GEAR! THERE ARE 202 ROLLERS IN AND AROUND THE GEAR!
-Remove the large snap ring from the v/c and from the other side, remove the small allen screw. Apply compressed air to the hole to separate the v/c.The v/c is full of STP so do this in a drain pan.
-Half of the clutches have 5/16 holes all the way aroud and half only have two. Align the holes that are 180 deg apart with two philips head screwdrivers.
-Use 2 grade8, 2 1/2in. long, 5/16 bolts, w/ the heads and threads cut off, as pins to insert through the aligned holes. You will have to grind them to the proper length inorder to put the cover back on the v/c.
-Before putting the v/c back together, remove the rubber seal so that ATF can lubricate the plates against the case.
-Reassemble the t-case with silicone, use bearing grease to hold the needle bearings in place, and put it back in the truck.
-You now have a working 4WD hi range. You can't drive on hard pack in 4wd now,but a new v/c is about 400$. Fair trade off if you ask me.
Total out of pocket?
2-5/16 bolts=1.02
3-qt ATF=5.00
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10$ NP229 fix
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