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Hey BA,

I love this truck! Great job on the low-cost build and thanks for sharing part numbers etc.

I put a homemade waste-gate control (just all-thread and springs) on that I have set to limit to 7psi boost. I am afraid of blowing a head gasket, perhaps needlessly. My rig also has the interesting disappearing coolant issue, but none ever shows up in my oil, nor oil in the coolant. I might just do the head stud and gasket fix you did.

The only long-term issue I've had was twice my fuel lines developed air leaks. Each time was a few years apart, so I'd forgotten the symptoms and fix and was convinced I'd worn out the IP. Sooner or later I'm going to install the 40-gallon Suburban tank with all new braided lines and -AN fittings and forget about all that stuff.

Looking forward to more pics and updates!
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