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Mark E Speece
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Sorry for the 3 week delay in response... vacation, job change, etc.

I posted (with help from some board members) a few pics of a roof rack that a friend/fabricator made for my Wag'. Several board members expressed an interest in buying one. I talked to the James of Weldone design & Fabrication, he will make them as long as he gets an order of at least 8. Its that whole economies of scale thing. The price is $350 per. Compared to the cheapest on the market - Conferr, this seems beyond fair given the following:
* custom fitted to GW factory mounts
* very very strong (I stood on mine in a recent traffic jam to bet a better view)
* comes with floor
* unlimited add-ons: light tabs, hi-lift jack...

Let me know if you are interested.
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