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Removal of Fuel Filler Tube Bezel ?

I am going to restore my '85 Wagoneer with original Dinoc 3M woodgrain. Will see if it still sticks. There is a production label from 1999 or like that on it.

I already removed the moldings which was very easy, took 15 minutes. I used a very simple "tool": kite-string
soft enough to make no scratches, thin and stabil enough to cut the old 3M tape as if it was like butter.

2 questions:

I need to remove the "Fuel Filler Tube Bezel" now.
The metal part inside has no screws anymore (I expected to find 6 screws but probably removed in earlier years). the metal part is absolutely firm/fixed and does not dangle/wobble at all. Has anyone an idea how to try?
Or are the parts here in wrong order? Should the so called "TUBE, Air Filler" be behind the "Tube Bezel"? N_IJ_v1OcoPfAUnHuVWQ?key=R1NjazV2Qm9ZUGJ1WFRvcU9uS zFhWXowaV9rQWd3 N_IJ_v1OcoPfAUnHuVWQ?key=R1NjazV2Qm9ZUGJ1WFRvcU9uS zFhWXowaV9rQWd3 N_IJ_v1OcoPfAUnHuVWQ?key=R1NjazV2Qm9ZUGJ1WFRvcU9uS zFhWXowaV9rQWd3
http:// N_IJ_v1OcoPfAUnHuVWQ?key=R1NjazV2Qm9ZUGJ1WFRvcU9uS zFhWXowaV9rQWd3 6CebP9tIui8JyIs6KDtSsFIgIf3n-ym38luU_tCTcwB67P4NPZizDlveVtaIJ80ech2d75Jjb8Fs1aI OPHop_abPLXzG3ikfkRoJoMk0XPMeN71f0FnE775Xkm8eBhfDj sE0ElRMfMz3hrXAPKTm3TvdY99ccP1MnJ0tGOO8LWUYCtm7-tthttqMI9eA-RiRWf7dVKKz178mT2JnBnO_56_TxN_h_v-NIWapef-xVUeaG8NYhD_ucJFtth9HvOL9kBN8SIdHTzr_YSbUwOfFMEtd8 QuNbHE_1Js2ppPOoscXk0CS_sGgCT_36uqIa0i5cavjUqugLZ4 i1rJ5As7DXlJE3ZK3OG7D4gZVMjyL0AvoUaSuMZeBR3YagCVWM 8wYMM_mFUJYeprP8e48M4TXaulqhDNvtgWyqozdItg8XN0b_hy YTN8n0YsydK6VODt9OgIo4zA-0emlNqmlUilpMR_jvb9ZsZmba7bj2yFu7d2zgSqO7SOk6HmBsw -AOTPSURV9UREo42T5HB1K6vA_Ik1IYdShzH8IzyFGTFGpyDMuM 6Oq7=w627-h437-no



While it was very easy to remove the moldings it is more painful to clean them from the old 3M tape. I use different kind of putty knifes.
Has anyone also used some fluids (practical experience) to support this procedure and like to recommend this? I might use this for the car panels too... nFlWGhlSHVxN1VmLUNTWWpSc0otNmR6R0N3X3hB

best regards

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