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Hello All,
I want to update yall on this issue in case it ever arises for yall. The starter is still sticking after 3 different solenoids, new ignition switch, and a new starter. I have even replaced the positive and negative wires coming from the battery as well as the engine ground wires. I am attempting to start the truck by manually engaging the ignition switch with a screwdriver as i have the column taken apart because I can not get the key switch out of the column. When i push the ignition switch forward the starter engages, engine cranks up, but when I pull the ignition switch back into the run position the starter will not disengage.
Because i can not get the key cylinder out of the column i want to get this problem figured out before I a take the column completely out of the truck or rewire a new key switch on the dash.
So i guess my real question is, should I be able to manually engage the ignition switch without he plunger in it, or cold that be the issue ?
The biggest of thanks to anyone that can help a desperate man.
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