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Sticking Starter

Hello All,
Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I have a 74 j10 with th400, amc 360 and starter will not stop sticking.
recently i had my quadratrac and th400 rebuilt and i have just reinstalled everything and this is when the issue with the sticking starter began. I have replaced ignition switch, replaced blinker switch in column, replaced starter, replaced the solenoid two different times, and have fully exposed the wiring harness and i can not find the issue. I am back to thinking i possibly should try another solenoid.
When the starter sticks I must pull the battery connection to kill the motor. The wiring harness apears to be original to me and this is a fairly unmolested truck. Never lifted, very few dents, not covered in years of mud. The wires apear to be in pretty decent shape. Help !!!
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