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it just sounds harder it is like other things once you start you get used todoing things with out thinking most of your 2 meter rigs will automatically set offsets send dtmf signals and if you think cell phones are great wait till you are out in the middle of nowhere and are able if you belong to the club bring up the phone patch. I had always been interested in Ham as akid but it wasn't till a fishing trip in Co. that I decided I needed some way to comunicate where there were no phones. at that time cell phones were still very bulky and only corporate people had them. I had taken a friend of mines 10 daughter fishing on a saturday we had gone up where we normaly liked to go a lake called Yankee Doodle up above Rollens Pass at 11,000 ft well that day the wind came up and blew us off the mountain so we went to another lake I found on the map. Why'll driving to the other lake my watch strap broke and not thinking I trhrough it in the glove box. To make an already long story short we were real late getting home by the time I got there her mother was in panic, her step father was trying to calm her down Peggy had already called a friend of mine who was loading up his ramcharger with every thing he could think of for a mountain rescue and as a former navy medic attached to a Marine force recon unit in VN.he could think of alot. When I got aholdof him the only thing he was waiting on was his son to get to his house so they could go, that is when I got serious about ham Jennifer the 10 year old in thisstory also got her license She is/was KB0HXB her mother died a few years ago and the last I had heard she had become a man hater and moved to The Peoples Republic of Boulder. I recently renewed my license but in searching FCC I don't think she renewed hers.
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congrats...that's the first post on here I have absolutely no effing clue how to comment on.

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