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you are lucky in Denver area yo can hit the 145.145 2meter repeater and talk up and down the front range on a Walky Talky with 2 meter you can get away with handi talki the other you would probaly want for long distance would be a 10 meter as far sa I know I have never seen a ten meter handi. I am suppried you are having problems finding a radio shop there when I lived in denver area there where several ham shops. If you have a scanner tune it to the 145.145 reapeter they used to have a swap net on where alot of the times the guys will even give out their phone numbers so you have a way to contact them with out having to have a radio and they are always loking for new people you may even be able to find an elmer. I have had good luck with kenwood, Radioshack, and Yasu. You could also check at radioshack for a repeater book it has allthe registered repeaters broken down by state and city it is great when you are traveling and believe me once you get started you will want thisin every vehicle you own. My father was a truck driver who ran from Alb to Seattle and back every week I went with him took 2 meter and clamp on attena and was able to taklk to people any time of the day or night the only place that was diferant was Saltlake where they did acknowalge that I was there but did not include me in conversation LOL Hope this helps you might want to get ahold of rande he has kept up more than I have Oh by the way that repeater I told youof links all the way through NM and branchs off to Tx Arz. and CAl
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