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Hard starting when cold - new electric choke needed?


The patient - 87 Grand Wagoneer w/ stock Motorcraft 2150 carb
  • Runs great once started but is almost impossible to start when temps are colder
  • Everything in the fuel system before the carb has been replaced / inspected
  • Fuel is defintely getting to the carb
  • Much easier to start when the outside temp is warm. We've has some 70 degree days and starting is not such an issue
  • When starting when cold it takes many tries, usually backfires just before it actually turns over, then finaly starts. In a NJ winter, a new battery does not have enough juice to actually turn the engine over enough times to start.
  • I've driven plenty of careurated cars and trucks over the years and never had this much trouble getting something started. The one big difference is that they all had manual chokes.
Does anyone have any tips for starting when cold OR do you think I need a new electric choke on the carb.

87 Money Pit

87 Grand Wagoneer - mostly stock for now
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