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Thanks for the update.

edit: I read it as someone had already told you. excuse me. I've looked into this but I never went through with it. is your rig 4 door? if it is I suggest the break be there behind the door. I think it would look best that way. essentially you are cutting large triangles out. I haven't done it so I can't give you anymore info. I would however search pirate for info. Some people have done it in the past and it comes out looking like crap. I'd take my time, measure twice, cut once. You might also do some research of your own with a piece of large poster board so you can scale it out and make your first cut the best.
Places to Wheel in the Southeast

Originally Posted by Topgun2mo
I would think boxing would limit the amount the frame could flex over obstacles which I think IMO would be a bad thing. I would think you would want all the articulation possible.
Originally Posted by johnny019
I'm not saying lockers don't improve the performance of your rig, just that they're overrated.

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