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Hell, id jump at the chance for a free vehicle. If nothing else I could sell it cheap to someone else that would appreciate it. win-win!

Now, when it comes to a Jeep truck... I know I'd like one. Kinda want one to make into a plow truck. If it weren't gone (rusted much worse than my wagon WAS [hahahaha, I feel so accomplished now because of fixing all that rust]) i'd personally go for it.

From what you wrote, it sounds like its not something for you. Don't get into a project you have doubts about. You will never get out of it ahead in any way, monetarily or in satisfaction. It would be a "ill get to it someday thing"... In most cases like that, the person finally die's after years of procrastination and the rusted hulk is sent straight to the junkyard. Seen it too many times.
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