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Originally Posted by ShagWagon
Hahaha so you guys are telling me that 143 isn’t a normal operating temp?

Man I would feel dumb. Especially knowing what a thermostat open up at 185-210. I just never made that connection.

What cyl temp does your dashboard display say when warmed up?

I just found your post at fitechtuning

( )

I see your coolant temp is 177-179. Your log doesn't look all that different from mine but I can't say I'm getting any better mileage. If your interested here is a link to my latest data log so you can compare.!AtllmUWFvoeUgi4l...Hps48?e=jWyYfv

I have a 180 or 185 thermostat and had the fitech sensor in the thermostat housing and it never got over 170. I never removed it from the housing when I got the Delco. Because my intake doesn't have a hole for a 3/8 sensor I wound up installing the Delco sensor in the heater hose at the back of the block. My normal running coolant temp taken at that location according to my handheld controller is between 190 and 201 but cylinder head temp shows 140-143. I'm not sure how they come up with that number.

I kind of wish that Austin Dehaas guy who has that fitchtuning website lived near me so I could just pay him to tune it for me.

It will be 2 weeks before I have a mileage number for mine but I was getting a consistent 9 MPG with the carb. I hope you figure out how to get better mileage so I can do the same.
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