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Another 6BT

Hello all,I'm pretty new in here and a European but anyway my little project may still interest some,I picked up a J20 a little while ago,it's a Right hand drive (I nearly fell over when I seen the system used!!)it's pretty rotted around the cab,a pillars gone and floor a mess but tub ain't so bad and wings,front ,bonnet,doors are all salvageable,I believe it's a 78/9 and in a nice metallic green,at first I thought someone had resprayed but a dug a little and seems's got the 6cyl engine with 4 speed manual box(auto originally-crude conversion)..soooo my plan from the start has been to convert this into a usable general purpose truck,good for hauling when necessary and cruising also,first part of the puzzle arrived last wk from US, a ZF s5 42 gear shifter!!!!and just yesterday I purchased a 99 6BT,
Rotary pump model complete with Daf truck!!6 bt's are actually very common over here and very cheap,the complete truck cost about 1750$,it is mated to a ZF 5 speed which is forward control(reason for standard gear shifter purchase,cannot be sourced over here)this truck was an x government telecoms vehicle and also has a hydraulic pump,2 small hyd winches,a hyd driven compressor and a hyd generator plus aux hyd outlet,it's tatty but all working,170k on clock,I may try use the hyd system in the J,at least leave pump and have it so I can throw generator/compressor in back and plug in if ever needed,I'm also toying with the idea of using the air brakes and clutch system from the truck,definately clutch,brakes will take a bit of thinking but I think It would be cool and save some space,I would obviously need to build a safety into possibly the handbrake,the next hurdle is to figure out a transfer case,I believe I have a dana 18 or 20 so I either divorce it somehow,mate it somehow or spend a heap on importing a bolt on transfer from a US dodge truck,these engine/box combos were never put in pickups and 4x4's over here so as with the shifter-transfer's are just not available here,any suggestions welcome,I'm determined to have all main parts aquired before I start chopping and beating!!so that's basically it to date,my donor will be here next wk so I'll take pics of that and the J and try post here
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