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totally agree

Originally Posted by tgreese
JMO - you should be able to repair the harness you have. 1990 is not that old as these things go, so the wire should still be in decent shape.

There's lots of good information here -

This thread does not talk much about splicing wires, but you can easily repair wires and connectors with uninsulated butt connectors and adhesive-lined heat-shrink tubing. Just splice the hacked wires back together one at a time.

Wiring is not that difficult if you refuse to be overwhelmed, and address one circuit at a time. Anything that someone made a mess of, you can untangle if you are patient and systematic.

Make some photocopies of your wiring diagram, buy a box of colored pencils, and trace out the wires one at a time. Color in the trace with your pencils as you trace it. Easy... as long as you only look at one circuit at a time.

You can easily repair what you have it's fairly recent. As long as it isn't burnt just repair it. The 90's were the best wiring these FSJ's had so it's not a bad system. It's also very easy to find these intact in Junkyards. It would be a good idea to go out to one if you truly believe that the one you have is not repairable get one out of another vehicle. If truly brittle & not serviceable it is unique it's like that. Save some $$. The beauty is you can mark it & know what things go to what. There is no reason to try to do a scratch system unless you are really good at this stuff. A total rewire is more than most people can handle. It's easy to get over your head on these. Working within your capability is important & tgreese made some good points as to why not to rewire. Unless you're wildly modifying it there's no reason to gut it.
Good luck.

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