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Originally Posted by FSJ Guy
Ouch. That's pretty pricey. For $329, you can get a flash conversion setup and programmer for the GM ECM from Moates.

My MegaSquirt II came to a grand total of $262 (including shipping) for the ECU. Add $45 for the test stimulator (simulates an engine) if you are unsure of your soldering skills.

Parts are mostly standard, automotive-grade (high temp) off-the-shelf electronics.

The code is open-source.

24MHz, 16-bit processor (versus the GM 8Mhz, 8-bit proc) for fuel control up to 1 microsecond

supports single or dual MAP sensors for real-time barometric correction (SWEET!)

supports single or dual narrowband or wideband O2 sensors

direct timing control (you do NOT need any HEI module to trigger the ECU, so reliability is increased) via a variable reluctor, hall sensor, optical trigger, or even POINTS. Yes, POINTS.

...and it can be reused on just about any engine (not just TBI Chevy/AMC V8s) with little if any circuitry mods. All this with the ability to tune the car directly from your laptop while the engine is running, or set it to "autotune" and just drive around and let the wide-band oxygen sensor do the work. $262.

Originally Posted by Joe Guilbeau
This is too funny!

Lord forbid that we actually know what we are doing...doh!

Just a little e-sarcasm there! But like I've said before, I totally understand that some people don't want to mess around with tuning EFI - they just want something they can bolt on and be done with, so I understand why those people might not want to go the DIY route. However, from what I have read, I get the feeling that no matter which way you go, you'll end up having to learn a thing or two about EFI.
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