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And the "surprises" continue ... Hmmm

So, figure I can get home early enough to do some work on the pending brake rebuild .. then- Start to pull the hub.. Hmm, what? can't seem to get the drive flange off? That's strange... fiddle with it for awhile, can't figure it out.

Take a closer look, and the WARN hub cap says "Lock-O-Matic" ? What the heck is that? Find a hidden snap ring, but it still won't come off. Ooops, dark is here. So no real progress.

Now I have to do some research on these weird locking hubs? Some kind of manual / automatic hub design? I've never heard of this before. That's strange.

I did figure out the Jeep has a Milemarker part time kit.... had to get the bolt off the axle shaft, but it kept spinning. So - start the Jeep, engage the hubs, flip the vacuum switch.. and Waa-la! All locked up. So I guess the t-case is working. Good.

Of course, none of this matters as I cannot drive until I get the rotors off to fix the brakes. Hmm
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