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Brakes !

Oops.. noticed some brake smell when I test drove this thing.. so, have to make it safe. If the Jeep does not move, no problem.. if it does not stop ? Problem! Always start with brake inspections..

So - jack up the Jeep.. and I can't even turn the tire? Uh oh! So I remove the tire and look.. Hmm. All looks normal.. release the bleeder to make sure the master is not stuck.. nope, all normal. just a bit of fluid draining normally. The caliper/pads are definitely dragging.

So I pull the caliper bolts.. and pry, pry, pry the caliper off the rotor.... Houston, we have found the problem! As soon as the caliper is off, rotor spins freely. Scratch one caliper.. OK - have to order pads and calipers.. check. Other side works, but going to replace both.. and get the rotors turned.. they actually look OK.

So - hubs with a Q trac? Figure there must be a Milemarker kit installed in the t-case? The hubs spin the prop freely when engaged.. so it must have a 2WD mode. Hope it's the overdrive one! not sure how to tell if this has the kit or which one. Previous owner had no idea.

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