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I think you guys are blowing it up to be a little more then it really is.
The conversion is nice in that it allows for more future options like electronic trans and such. For an engine with a big cam the idle tables do allow for improved idle. The faster baud rate is a plus when tuning. Elec fan control.

But if the 7747 ECM was tuned properly then the swap to the 7427 PCM with the same good tune is not going to show a performance improvement.

So while it is something new to play with, it really makes no "performance" gains.

So if a guy already has an ECM based TBI system running fine on his basically stock engine and no real plans to go to an electronic overdrive trans in the future, then the only reason to swap is to have something new to play with.

Just don't want every guy reading these, thinking it's something he needs to do.

But learning new things is always a plus.
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