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Originally Posted by JeepsAndGuns
Yep, sure does! Its called engine overspeed protection. Cant remember exactly where it is at, but just scroll slowly and you will find it.
It has a rpm and speed limit to it. It will shut off fuel when it reaches those. The bin I am using is set to cut off fuel at 4800 rpm. And speed is set to cut fuel at 96 mph.

Found it. I just wasn't sure that was what it really was.

I can use it as a "theft" mode. Set it to 2,000 rpm and 20 mph! LOL!!!

Whoever created the XDF rocks! He or she set it so that you can show just the main parameters, all of them, or anywhere in between. Very nice for noobs like me so I can actually FIND what I need to adjust.

My motes adapter stuff should arrive Monday. I'll have to wait until next weekend to splice in the harness.
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