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Originally Posted by JeepsAndGuns
So you have a home made aldl cable? Did your old one just crap out on you, or is there something not compatable? Like I said, I didnt have to do anything but plug it in, but it might be because I have the autoprom?

Glad to hear it runs and everything works! Now the fun part, tuning!!

My old cable was restricted to 160 baud for older ECM(s).
I'm sure it still works, just won't with the 7427.

Runs is a good thing, not sure if everything works yet due to lack of communication.

Success...sort of.
Made a new cable, then my laptop hard drive failed and it wouldn't boot anymore.
Replaced it and reloaded XP, but I lost everything on that hard drive, which REALLY sucks
All my tuning stuff bookmarks, downloaded files, apps, utilities, lots of info.
Only used it for this stuff so it could have been worse I guess.
I can communicate with the PCM now. YAY!
Still need to figure out some things though.
1) VSS which one do I need now, and what changes if any to wiring.
2) Knock sensor, still need to buy/install the new style one.
3) Getting a lot of DA errors when connected will need to research this.

Here's a shot from Tunerpro RT though.

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