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Originally Posted by swedjeep
Hi i have the same plan for mine but vith the BT6, did get a 96 BT6 with tranny, and al components for some weeks agoo and are now ready to start but collecting info and tips regarding do and donts.

I'd like to see how you pull yours off. I keep hearing you can get a 6BT in an FSJ but that the firewall needs modification and the aftercooler mounting gets interesting. PLEASE post pics!

Originally Posted by swedjeep
Will put it in a unike J20, one of 12 original built Crewcab's by Jeep, think i put a picture in my profile ).

"unike" Also ... I was under the impression that Jeep never made a 4 door/crew cab truck. I checked out your profile here on IFSJA and didnt see any pics. Would you post 'em up here?
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