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Transfer case time.

The VERY first time I got onto the freeway after swapping in the diesel I managed to blow apart the viscous in the 229. I drove it for 60k+ miles that way. I've had a 208 traveling around with me since that time and I finally got around to pulling the 229 and rebuilding and installing the 208.

If I had to do this all over again, I would forego the AA tcase adapter and just run a GM tcase.

I always had a leak between the tcase and trans. I found that 3 of the 4 holes for the tcase adapter were stripped. 2 had threadserts already installed, but they were short (10mm). All 4 holes got full length inserts.

Also, the tcase adapter for the 700R4 was designed for the 231 which has a shorter input snout than the 229 and 208 so I never ran the intermediate seal between the tcase and trans. Since I had it all apart I was able to get a seal installed at a proper depth to make it all work.

Busted viscous.

208 cleaned and ready for assembly.

208 guts

New chain, new bearings, new seals...

208 all ready to go. Ignore the broken switch for the 4wd indicator. New one is on order.

Back of the 700R4. 3 of the holes were trash.

This is where the seal needs to sit to use the 231 to 700R4 adapter with a 208. I did use some Permatex to glue it into place.

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