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here is where my leak was and it was under all the body seam filler that was smeared around in there

thinking i can re weld the seem and the hole and then fromt he top use some henrys 208 since the cowl never gets overly hot or i'll just source some new seem filler. what ever i do thought he fender is coming off to get a full view of what i am up against

lower radiator hose location relative to the stock radiator with mounts cut and re welded

upper hose location

oil pan clearnance notice the sway bar is un hooked and laying down. i will probably put 2" or so spacers between the frame and sway bar to keep it and make things work

crappy pciture turn your head at an angle maybe you can make sense of it but it shows you the distance oil pan/ drain plug etc to teh webbing on the dana 44 plenty of room but still tight

doesnt show it well but the suspension fully compressed 4" and the pan jsut clears the webbing by 1/2" so there should be no contact issed what so ever
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