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Originally Posted by dusty
I’ll tell you installation of the clutch pedal was a cake walk which many know. As well installing the hydraulic clutch, I got some very helpful pictures from zinertia which helped me confirm where I had made my marks for drilling. There was even a handy little spot weld that served as my centering for my bit...

Im still collecting parts on mine, but would love to see the pics of an in progress/finished one.

Originally Posted by dusty
...I will say retro93’s suggestion of moving the assembly up would have worked had I not already done everything for the clutch.

Is this on the HB or the clutch ?
Details ?

I was planning on using the 151 cj master as well (at Novaks recomendation).
Was the included rod long enough, or did you have to lengthen it ?

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AX-15 swap info threads...
Theres more but that should get you started

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