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Originally Posted by yossarian19
Nice clean work! I dig that you're taking the time for the "while I'm there..." items that most of us (or I, anyway) don't.
Gotta say, I took the plunge and bought an MS2 system + 7.4L TBI unit in large part inspired by your rig. Have to run wires, fuel & finish putting accessories back in front of the motor but it's getting along.

Thanks for the kind words, make sure you have a thread that I can follow along and help where I can!

Originally Posted by babywag
What are your plans for exhaust? New y-pipe or just modifying old one?

I'm just going to modify the Y that I have as I replaced it when I redid my exhaust last year. it's just the left side that doesn't line up and i'll just have to make a little jog over to it. I may put another O2 bung in there for future work since I only have one in the right at the moment.
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