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Originally Posted by Rusty76
Haha Oh man PRONG! I immediately had to go listen to that again.
I'm 42yrs young and graduated in 92. I recently got Spotify and am loving going back and listening to music from my teen years. Pantera, Slayer, Slipnot, old Metallica. Some good times lately working in the garage working on the Rig listing to tunes. Although I seem less angry but can still relate. My wife of 10yrs knows me as the public radio guy as background noise. She thinks I'm going through my midlife crisis. I think she might be right. I hope it is cause I'm loving it!
42 and graduated in 92? I am 43 and graduated in 95.... graduated middle school in 92?

I will tell you what makes it sound even better is when you head into your teenage sons room to chew some @$$ and he looks up from his phone and he is scrolling through his playlist and is is chock full of that great stuff!

Me: JAMIE!! I told... you.... is that Youth of a nation?!? Oh, let me show you some better P.O.D.....
Jamie: did you have something you needed?
M: oh yeah, mom said quit doing something. here, go to the Scorpions page...
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