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Originally Posted by tgreese
Thought I'd mention - these truck 4-speeds make more noise (whine) than the Jeep 3-speeds or typical passenger car transmissions. They sound different with each gear, and quieter in top gear. Normal.

Don't decide to rebuild before you get the front main bearing out and look at it. Clean the bearing with some solvent, inspect and roll in your hands. If the race is rough or action is not mirror smooth, it will make noise. Look for looseness in the pocket bearing, and damaged rollers. If only the bearing is bad and the transmission seems fine otherwise, I'd suggest you install a new bearing and put it back together. These transmissions were designed for use in trucks like buses and dump trucks, and are strong and durable. Unlikely it needs everything unless it has a bazillion miles or was run with no oil or such.

Thanks, yeah I have to have a throw out bearing and am hoping the input shaft bearing is all that is bad if anything.

Also I have another issue with that tranny you might be able to chirp in on, There seems to be no fill hole for the lube in it. I have cleaned it and inspected for the plug but where it's supposed to be there is nothing....well, sort of nothing.
There is a circle in the case like maybe a plug but is flush. I am used to seeing a plug with a protruding square piece for a wrench or Cresent wrench to fit on to -OR- a recessed square hole for a rachet to fit into.
So I have no way to check fluid level. Since I wasn't sure how much was in it I dumped a quart in through the shifter cover after I removed it.....That may have done more harm than good. I was thinking it would drain down into the case but I might just be a moron......

Well, I am a moron but I don't know if in this case (no pun intended) if it was a moronic move.
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