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You can negotiate a price!! First time I called, they quoted me about $550-600. I called back a couple weeks later and they quoted me $500. I told them that was too much and I wanted to pay around $400. They called me back within 24 hours and said they booked me a transport!! I had my rig transported from just North of Dallas, TX to the Charleston, SC area for $400!!

They are a broker. They post on some national board what is needed and trucking companies bid on the job. My guy was from California and was great. Apparently this is a normal way of doing business in the auto transport world. My father-in-law is a new car dealer in PA. He uses a broker to transport cars all the time.

If I ever need to transport a car again, I will call Larry...his number is listed on the web site. I don't have experience with the other reps, and Larry came recommended to that's 2 positive remarks for Larry. Leave him a message if he doesn't answer...he'll call you back. Or you can e-mail him and request a quote...that's actually how I started communicating with him.

Hope this helps.
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