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Originally Posted by chubbinius
That's an awesome way to make the best of this virus deal. So cool too that your son is able to be out there wrenching along with you.
Yeah, It's been great! I had a 1 month trip to Hawaii for work planned and was going to do all this after I got home. I figured this trip would be cancelled but, mountains have moved, approvals have happened; I fly to Hawaii on Sunday for a month. Now I have to slam all this back together in the next 6 days.
Originally Posted by cu4whln
Do you need/want a factory cruise set up from a 77 ? I am going to be removing it from mine soon... I am happy to pull all the parts for you. I think its all stand alone, right ?...
I appreciate the offer! I have all the original gear from my 79 but the reason I am going to the later model one is because it removes the failure prone bellows and I think the GM one will be a little smoother/more reliable. It is almost plug and play at this point with my TBI set up.
I spent 8 hours wrenching yesterday...errrr... wiring. I got my headlights on relays and then spent a few hours putting split loom on all the wires forward of the brake booster. You will notice each relay has it's own harness going from the main harness up to my relay center. That way if I have issues, I do not have have to keep splitting the main harness open. I have wires run for the temp switch for the trans fan and the Trans temp sender but did not put the sender and switch in yet. I ran out of the 1" split loom for along the firewall so that's why I stopped there. Oh, apparently coolant eats through the paint I used on my fender liner.

I also ran a new "always hot wire" into the interior that will power my power seat bases and a relay for my seat heaters (no, I do not have seat heaters yet). I replaced the dipstick tubeS (both oil and trans) because they leaked, cleaned and hopefully fixed the oil leak on the back of the intake manifold, and did some grinding on my header flanges (more pics on the header thread I mentioned above).

My son trimmed the headliner insulation for installation but I do not have any spray adhesive to hang it (yet). I also had him install the diff cover and finish the oil change. He now understands the wonders of the smell of gear oil.

I have a short shopping list to hit today but hope to get the headliner insulation up and the engine landed/bolted down tonight. My son is installing the passenger side power seat base.
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