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Buick 350 Injection

OK, I'm happy with the Qjet for driving around here, it's tuned right so I'm getting decent mileage (you know, for a brick with no overdrive or FI ). Trouble is I want to be able to cope with altitude, and it's always nice to have something just fire right up every single time, after letting it prime of course. And it'll help with colder weather, too, but anyway you guys already know the advantages of FI.

So on the B350, as I have the 4-barrel, I see two options. There's Holley Sniper for either the 2- or the 4-barrel manifold, which is the cheapest option that actually fits. I do not want to run an open adapter; if the barrels all line up and the bolt pattern's wrong, an adapter is ok, but I don't want an open adapter.

There's also the intake multiport injection from T/A Performance; but since that's 4k, it's out the window. Does anybody know of any other bolt-on TBI?
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