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Originally Posted by rang-a-stang
WOOO HOOOOO!!!! So for those of us that are going to copy you:
1) What is the part number for that cruise module? do you know what all vehicles GM installed it in?
2) You used your stock G-Wag switch right?
3) did you just remove the speedo cable from the old cruise module and fold it up into the back of the gauge cluster?
4) did you mount an LED/bulb showing the cruise indicator?

Can we sticky this thread?

1) This module was from a 96 roadmaster, you probably will not find new or reman ones.
Good donors would be GM TBI cars & trucks or LT1 Caprices, Camaros, Roadmasters. AFAIK the modules are very similar.
2) I wound up using a Roadmaster switch but the stock switch would have worked. Mine was bad, new one on ebay was $13, just did not want to cut up new part.
3) On later model SJs the vss is an inline unit between two cables.
4) I have not added an indicator bulb yet but easily added.

I can sticky in tech archives...

The important parts to grab from donors.
Module & enough wiring.
Cable bracket to fab up a way to mount the cable.
2nd brake switch (Could use a relay off exiting brake switch to reverse polarity to module) if no provision in current pedal assembly?

This system requires a 4k vss signal.
So need a stock Jeep 8k vss AND a GM vssb 4-out module.
Or an aftermarket 4k vss.

So to elaborate on switch...
Couldn't find the matching connector for this

So used what I had and cut/soldered these connectors in and new $13 switch will get returned.

This is the later model Jeep vss, I am pretty sure they started using the newer system in 1982.

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