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Hey, Y'all...

I sometimes tend not to be the best decision maker, so I thought I'd ask for advice.

I'd like input on whether I should swap my current engine for a used one, rebuild it then swap back... or rebuild a replacement first... or?

Current Engine Situation --

The Canyonero! currently has a tired, but still starts-and-runs-fairly-strong 360 in 'er. PO claims it was rebuilt about 80k mi ago, and I found a rebuilder's tag on it, so I believe him.

However, it's making a growing number of uncomfortable sounds -- lotsa ticks, occasional knocks, etc -- uses a lot of oil -- leaks + burning -- and seems to be losing coolant. Oil pressure wasn't great, but adding the Lucas magic goo helped a lot.

Vaccuum is around 17mmHg and the needle wavers quite a bit when < 5 at heavy throttle. While I don't know quite what that means, it might be helpful? Seems to want a while to warm up, and otherwise just doesn't instill a lot of confidence. I've put about 30,000 hard miles on her, so I'm not upset that she needs work.

The New Engine --

I'm about to pick up a used engine from a member on this board -- it reportedly runs well, and just passed smog. Other than that, I don't know anything about it.

SO... the question is: Whadda I do?

1 - Swap in the used engine, rebuild mine, swap it back in later. My original plan, as I feel a bit of urgency to get my current engine out... but maybe I shouldn't? Hmmm... Pro: Cheapest plan, at least right away. Con: Most time consuming.

2 - Rebuild the used engine, swap it in when done, and just hope my current one hangs in there -- anyone wanna venture a prognosis on how long it has to live? Pro -- Least time, only one engine swap. Con: More money right away...

3 - Do a "mild" rebuild on the used, swap it in, then do a Big, Bad rebuild on the old one... I'm thinking, like, timing chain, water pump, valve spring seals... what else is quick/cheap/important while it's out on a stand? Pro/Con: Happy medium??

4) Something Even Wiser??

I'm gonna do the rebuild myself, using a machine shop minimally... since I'm unemployed, darnit, time is not important, but $$ is...

Thoughts? Wisdom of the crowd?

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