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Originally Posted by Full Size Jeeper
You could start with a PCV pipe cap, drill a hole in it. put a bolt into the end with a slot cut in the end bolt. Maybe a copper pipe plug done the same way. Just start looking for stuff that looks like the bad part. Come on man, you can start a new business making these for all the world!!!! Good luck!!
Hey That's another great idea! I didn't think of doing that. I was just figuring on making something from all the metal scraps I have laying around and some creative bending, banging, cutting, shaping and welding I found that I actually like to fab stuff when I did my frame
Your idea though would be much faster, starting with something that is already in the general shape.

Ha, yea... new business. Too bad there's no market.

Originally Posted by 61Hawk
Well considering you can buy a decent one for around $300-$400, probably more people than you think.
Huh, I just googled it and your right. They are a lot cheaper than I thought. Whenever I thought of them, I always figured they'd be a $2000+ investment.

Then again though, even a $200 one, how much would I use the thing? and how good is any of the plastics?...
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