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re-assembly. first off. NEVER use any type of tube style sealant on a carb. RTV and the likes. it squeezes out and into the air/fuel channels,plugging them. if you have to use it to prevent leaks,you need a new carb.

i grease all the gaskets on these carbs.

start by putting the red umbrella valve into the center hole of the accellerator pump bore. pull the bump on the tail through the body wit a pliers.

engage the acc. pump rod into the middle hole on the throttle arm.

put the new pump diaphragm into the pump cover. most late carbs use the long shaft diaphragm. this is how it all goes together.....

...but first,engage the other end of the pump rod into the outer hole of the cover arm.

and tighten all 4 bolts as you hold it together.

next,put the new gasket on the new powervalve,and thread it into the main body,tighten firmly.

the cover goes on with fitting facing front. now,verify the cover holds vacuum,by attaching a hose and applying vacuum with a vacuum pump,or by sucking on the hose,and seeing if it holds vacuum. it must hold vacuum. if not,check the power valve gasket for proper placement.

also,now the 2 idle mix screws go in,and set to 3 turns out each.

the acc. pump check ball,and weight go into the center cluster hole. the gasket is in place too. like so.

but before the weight is dropped in,put the booster cluster into position. wiggle it to get the gasket in position. then drop the weight in.

the center screw goes in,with the flat tin shroud. it will have to be wiggled a bit to get the weight to go inside it. tighten it down firmly.

next the inlet valve. with either the shroud which doubles as gasket,or just a gasket,depending on carb.

here,the main jets are installed to,as well as boosters and inlet valve.

hook the inlet needle onto the float. drop into position into the inlet valve.

note long damper spring. if yours is missing don't worry about it. snap the wire retainer into the groove on the inlet valve body.

measure float height. 9/16" from tip of float to top of main body,with the needle pushed down (closed).

install the 2 parts of the aneroid bellows valve,with new gaskets.

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