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out of the dip. looks pretty good. it is once again fully dis-assembled.

once clean,it is inspected. and on this one a crack is found that was previously hidden under the grunge.

so what does this mean? well,it means your carb isn't rebuildable. i however have a stockpile of these,so i went and got another carb body and cleaned it up in the parts washer.

once the body checks out all passages are blown out,both body and booster assembly. low pressure here-30lbs will do. too high can force passage plugs out.

also,be sure the air bleeds are clear,as shown. 2 on the rear directly above the bronze tubes.

2 in the center front. some assemblies have them on the sides as well,where the screwdriver is pointing.

ready for assembly. i like to give all the bleeds and jetways a shot of this.

basically seafoam in an aerosol can. good stuff for carbs.
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