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You should have honked! I didn't think anyone else was out that week. I'll try and get some pics up soon. I broke my camera on Golden Spike so I don't have to many this year. However, I was able to get some pictures of something else I broke on Golden Spike. I had a ujoint come apart on the Body Snatcher as you come back over into Gold Bar Rim. The yoke also busted.

As I was driving out on the front in low range, I think I also screwed the NP228. It kept binding and locking up and when I drained the fluid the next day, a whole lot of metal shavings came out (more than the usual anyway). The 228 is crap anyways so I'm going to try and replace it with a 208.

Originally Posted by jeepsr4ever
Dome I saw you today at the local gas station. We are here off of rim village just off spanish valley trail 2nd pavillion on the right! Wish I would have known that was you We are leaving tomorrow on our trek back to MN Hopefully your at potato salad hill this evening. I want to see that jeep bump up the slopes
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