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Thanks for all the input, gang! The Farm/Fleet parts I can buy are the cheapest cost around for pre-bent parts. Napa/Bumper are notably MORE! Being the custom shop could do the job(including labor) for only a few more dollars than the F/F parts cost, I thought that route might be worth considering. This shop is 1.5hours away, so not really convenient. This is why I'm thinking taking parts and having them made, and me install. I'll talk to them and see about it....he's into classics, so would feel good giving him the business! Still need to weigh all this out, but I'll post back after I finally go with one way or another...which will hopefully be in the next month as I NEED to get this done! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Again....thanks for the input....always love the viewpoints everyone adds....really helps out!

Take care...
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