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Front Shackle Reversal-bolt on kit

After listening to all the interest in regard to a front Spring Shackle Reversal (SSR) for FSJ's, I took the time to developed a bolt on kit. First, the kit replaces the front shackle with a fixed 41/2" spring mount and relocates the shackle to the rear of the spring. The additional height of the mount corrects the caster of the front axle and provides 2" of suspension lift. Second, it is 100% bolt in, no welding is required. All that's needed is basic tools to cut out the old front brackets, drive out the old rivets and bolt in the new brackets. Lastly, you can purchase rear lift blocks to level your vehicle (I have those also) to mount larger tires and experience a softer ride. You can see these and other items at
This picture shows the SSR and the optional front receiver hitch.

Rear Lift Blocks and U-bolts with FSSR $259

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