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I haven't read any of the files yet, so here's the post, without any of my thoughts - They have asked for any input on their forum, or in the PN4WDA forum (link included in the post) ... thread=442


At the following link you will find a zipped folder with the Yacolt Burn DRAFT Trails Plan and the Proposed Facilities Designs. These are CONCEPTUAL PLANS that still needs to go through the SEPA (environmental) review.

I aplogize for the complicated method of accessing these files, but they are quite large and I don't know of any other way to make them easier to access.

Go to the link - click on the large zipper file on the upper left of the page - select "open" - then double click on which file you want to view. There are 4 files in the zipped folder: 4 Corners Campground, Cold Creek Campground, Planned ORV Trails & Rock Creek. Please note that Cold Creek and Rock Creek are for NON-motorized areas of the forest.

Here is the link: ...

After SEPA is completed and the public has an opportunity to comment on this proposal - we SHOULD be able to begin implementation of this plan. Potentially starting in November or December 2009 - but as we all know living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest - weather conditions may push ground-breaking into late Spring or early Summer of 2010.

It is also important to remember that this is a "10 Year Plan" with the hope that it will be fully implemented within the next 10 years. Obviously -- project funding, levels of volunteer support and weather conditions are just a few of the factors that will control how quickly or how slowly this plan is completed.

The ORV Trails map indicates the following:

- up to 30.5 miles of 4x4 trails (which are also open to ATV's and Dirtbikes.
- up to 34 miles of ATV trails (this includes the existing 14 miles at Jones Creek)
- up to 10 miles of single track (dirtbike) trails

This design proposes up to 30.5 miles of 4x4 trails on the outer "perimeter" of the recreation trail system. When possible - we would be utilizing existing trails already on the ground if they coincide with the basic layout design. We are estimating up to 50-75% of this trail system may be new construction - we will know more when we begin surveying. These trails would also need to meet the environmental impact requirements that are expected of ALL trails that are to be created within this system. This 4x4 "loop" system is designed with the intent of keeping the 4x4 traffic OFF of the gravel service roads as much as possible. This is an effort to enhance the experience of the 4x4 recreationist as well as an effort in keeping everyone as safe as possible. These "4x4" trails will be open to all forest user groups - 4x4's, ATV's, side-by-sides, dirtbikes, mountain bikes, equestrian and even hikers. These will be TRUE multi-use trails...

The majority (60-70%) of the potential 34 miles of ATV trails (14 existing + 20 NEW) are based on existing "sanctioned" (14 miles) and existing "unsanctioned" trails throughout the forest. Aproximately 30-40% of the total proposed ATV trails would be new construction. As you can see - these trails are within the permiter of the 4x4 loop trail system but are also at times connected to the 4x4 system. These "ATV" trails will be open to ATV's, dirtbikes, mountain bikes, as well as equestrian and hikers.

My single track knowledge base is very limited for this public notification (I do no ride dirt bikes and have not experienced the trails), but it is my understanding that the proposal would "sanction" up to 10 miles of existing "non-sanctioned" dirt bike trails.

The 4 Corners Trailhead / Campground facility is a designated motorized facility that will be located near the 4 Corners area (central-western section of the forest). The current campground concept proposes 35 back-in style camp spaces varying from single to triple width spaces with options from 45'-80' in lengths. The trailhead (proposed day use) is currently offering 60 back-in spaces designed at 14' wide and 50' in lengths.

At this time, I would like to request your feedback on this trails and facilities concept plan proposal. These trail systems and facilities are for EVERYONE and your input is critical to ensure that implementation of this plan will provide an experience that will be desirable for all users.

I do ask that you try not to fixate on individual existing trails that are currently in the forest and may not necessarily fit into this plan, but rather focus on the potential for a sustainable, well designed functioning motorized trail opportunity in the Yacolt Burn.

Please feel free to cross-post a link to this thread on other forums, with the request that they provide their feedback here on the Piston's Wild forum. I want to ensure that everyone's input is considered as we move forward with this plan and I can only monitor a few forums effectively and make certain that all questions are being answered.

I will also cross-post this entire thread for discussion on the Pacific Northwest 4-Wheel Drive Association forum which will be the only other forum where I will be monitoring the discussion and answering questions. Here is a link to that thread: ... 8#post6958

Full size printouts of this proposed trail system and facilities will be on display at the "Pick Up the Burn" event on September 26th as well as at the "Piston's Wild 4x4 Cruise-In" on October 4th. Please visit our club events section for more details.

Whether you are a member, applicant or guest of Piston's Wild Motorsports or simply attended one (or more) of our meetings, work parties, clean-ups or cruise-in's - this project is on track for success because EVERYONE made the effort to get involved and made it happen!

Thank you again to everyone that has helped with this project - I am eager to hear your thoughts on this proposal and I look forward to a lively discussion here on this forum as well as on the PNW4WDA forum.

Kind regards,

Crystal Crowder
Club President
Piston's Wild Motorsports
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